Tuesday 15 January 2019

Twitter Art Themed Hashtag

Twitter art themed hashtags

Back in 2012, someone pointed me in the direction of the Twitter hashtag #drawingaugust. The idea was to draw something every day or as and when you could throughout the month of August. It was such a motivational moment, because not only were you drawing, but also there was opportunity to see other peoples work, to share and give each other feedback. As long as you put the #drawingaugust hashtag in the post then other like-minded people would be able to view it.

When August drew to a close I decided to extend the idea and motivation of the hashtag to September and change the theme to #paintseptember. The whole idea of it became addictive, and all of a sudden a large body of work was appearing. So as each month went by I changed the theme to accommodate the different areas that everyone could have a go at. I also created the hashtag #thedailysketch so that it could be used for a sketch or drawing throughout the whole year.

The picture attached to this blog post is a visual guide to all the hashtags I have created including the #drawingaugust tag which started it all, created by fellow artists Dean Lewis @olderThanevil and Jean Stevens @CasperandMrP

Feel free to use them as and when you can, either on Twitter or Instagram.
More than anything be inspired & enjoy. Art is for everyone! :}>

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