Tuesday 22 May 2018

Artwork for my musical Niece Tilly Greentree

Tilly Greentree Singer-Songwriter Nottingham

Recently I have been working on some artwork for my very talented Niece, Tilly Greentree.
She is a 15-year-old singer-songwriter from Nottingham and has started writing some of her own songs. I decided to work on some artwork to help try and help promote a potential EP or Album she is currently working on. 

As part of her GCSE's she started writing material with her guitar and recorded it on her phone. Her songs have made it so far on the BBC Introducing website and played on BBC Radio Nottingham a couple of times. She is now taking part in a few competitions, one of which is to try and make the final to play at Rock City in Nottingham. 

If you would like to vote for her to stand a chance of getting in then you can do it here: https://fsn.nusic.org.uk you also need an email and phone number to confirm the vote. Deadline is 30th June 2018. Here is also a link to her music: Soundcloud if you want to check out her sound.

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