Monday 24 June 2019

Glastonbury Festival Illustrations

It is that time of year again! The Glastonbury Festival is days away! what a truly inspirational place it was too! I went there with my wife and friends back in 2015 for the first time! The place was overwhelming. As great as it is to see the festival on TV, is not a true reflection of the things that you don't see, it is almost like a medieval town with little taverns filled with music, food stores everywhere, and a place where people of all ages and cultures are there together thinking and communicating on the same songsheet. It is a place filled with inspiration.

Above a series of ink sketches, I have done for people who wanted Glastonbury themed weddings and parties because of their mutual love for the festival. Here is a link to the actual sketches I did when I was there in 2015 Glastonbury Sketches 2015. Hopefully one day my wife and I can go back there! 

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