Thursday 16 November 2017

LIAN, Fantasy and Adventure Webcomic

Lian, Fantasy Adventure Webcomic
Recently I have been working on a personal idea for a web-based comic strip. This came about from a couple inspirational situations from my daughters. Firstly it was due to sketching them over the years and secondly my daughters refueling my interest into the world of Superheroes and Comics. The Last time I was interested in this genre was when I was a kid. Going with my Father who took me to the Cinemas to see Superman starring Christopher Reeve and then Flash Gordon. But I also loved coming home from school every Friday Teatime to watch Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby's Incredible Hulk. Oh and let us not forget The Six Million Dollar Man! 

It wasn't until many years later that my daughter wanted to see Marvel Avengers at the Cinema. At first I was a little skeptical, but afterwards, I was hooked! So there started the rebirth of my love for the comics and superhero style movies, All through my time drawing and painting I never really considered working in a comic style sort of way. 

But now I have the idea of putting the two things together. Using my daughters as a reference to create my very own comic. I have never really dabbled in this way of working before, but for me, this is just a fun and challenging thing to do.

I came up with the idea of a girl called 'LIAN' who becomes mixed up in two parallel dimensions due to absorbing an unknown force that gives her permanent superhuman abilities... Ok so it may sound a little clich├ęd, but our whole life is full of repetition and routine, so I suppose it is up to myself to create a slightly different take on it.

Lian Webcomic, early character sketches

I decided to start doodling some ideas loosely referencing my daughter as inspiration for the character. This is a huge learning curve for me already. There is one thing sketching, drawing and painting in the way I normally create, but it is a very different discipline to which I now realise I am at the beginning of this journey. The first hurdle was deciding to either go with the ink or pencil route. I looked online and there is a large debate about this, so in the end, I went with what I felt was right for this particular sort of comic.

The other hurdle was not just coming up with the character, but the storyline, drawing, drawing and more drawing! ha ha!! The drawing itself was an issue, asking questions to myself such as, "Is there a certain way I should draw?", "Do I follow a style?" In the end, I just went with a feel I was comfortable with and not to get too bogged down with what other people were doing. Saying that though, I am now educating myself on the various Marvel and DC comics out there and many independent comic creators which I am finding very inspirational.

Hopefully, I should have the first part of the comic up in late December or early January, so I will see how it goes, but one thing for sure is that it has refueled my passion for drawing even more!

To follow the webcomic you can click here: LIAN Webcomic

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