Wednesday 11 September 2013

Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle, acrylic on canvas, by Anthony Greentree
This is the latest in the daily sketches and for #paintseptember I have been working on. Technically you could say it is not a sketch, but for the fact that I did it in over an hour I class it as a 'quick painting' and therefore a sketch!

Ink & wash sketch of
a HUE 166 Land Rover
The place is Belvoir Castle and the sunset that evening was quite something. It sort of reminded me of the sunset of summers end itself!

This is quite a small painting as I am trying to get used to my new Plein Air Easel kindly given to me by my step-daughter. I usually like to paint large scale but It wasn't as hard as I thought down sizing like this.

I have also finished a commission for a friend who liked one of my sketches and wanted a picture done in a similar style. He is a huge Land Rover fan and so I set to work on a HUE 166 model. Is is very happy with it and I am relieved as I am in no way an expert of Land Rovers!

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