Thursday 12 September 2013

Wind Farms, Lincolnshire

There are times when you simply don't have the time to sit in a field or cafe and paint what you see. Sketching is that wonderful element in life that gives you the chance to capture quickly and create something that a photograph simply can not achieve. You are drawing movement and elapsed time, you are drawing feeling and emotion and you are drawing the bits you want the viewer to see.

But then there are the occasions where you take a picture of something you like and say to yourself that this will be the source for a painting or drawing. I don't mean a 'like for like' version of the photo but merely a reference or reminder that there was something about that moment that you wanted to paint or draw but didn't have the time.

The picture on the left is just that example. A picture I had taken a few weeks ago while camping near Sutton on Sea on the East coast of England. It is a wind farm around Trusthorpe in Lincolnshire. The weather had been great all week but then there was a sudden change and it felt like someone was shining a tourch through the dark clouds! It lasted only minutes, so luckily I grabbed a pic.

So now I decided to do the painting like a painted sketch. I wanted to try and capture that moment as If I was seeing it again for those few moments. I limited myself to an hour for painting this so that I could grab just the raw information from the photo reference.

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