Wednesday 1 October 2014

More paintings for 'The Eternal Now' Exhibition

Painting no.18 'The Eternal Now. Aynsley Lister, by Anthony Greentree
Painting no.19 'The Eternal Now. Aynsley Lister, by Anthony Greentree

I have completed two more paintings ready for my exhibition on the 11th - 25th October at the Carnival of Monsters Art Festival in Nottingham. These are more famous people who have very kindly offered themselves as subjects for my painted portraits. 

Painting No.18 'The Eternal Now. Darren Campbell, by Anthony Greentree
The first one is blues guitarist Aynsley Lister, who kindly let me take some reference photos backstage at one of his gigs earlier in the year. 

The second portrait is of Olympic Gold Medalist, Darren Campbell, who I met while doing a Headteachers conference mural in Cardiff. 

Apart from the two more paintings I have yet to complete, I will have 21 paintings altogether to show at the exhibition. I like to think that these are a diverse range from family friends and famous people. I will explain in more detail about the whole concept of these works nearer the time.
For more information on the Exhibition you can click here for the event.

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