Friday 20 June 2014

Live conference murals

Conference murals in Derby and Cardiff completed this week.
A very busy and enjoyable few days this week. I was hired to paint two conference murals, one in Derby for the #goodchildhood summit held by The Mighty Creatives and the second one the day after in Cardiff for a Headteachers conference held by Inspire Education.

work in progress of the TMC mural in Derby
The idea of both murals was to paint and draw the atmosphere, key points and activities throughout the day, which is almost like a live visual diary. For example, as one of the speakers are talking, I would paint a quick picture of them and surround it with either key notes or visual ideas to represent what they are saying.

So in some ways I am creating a snapshot of the events that take place that help as an aid to the people attending, to try an bring home some of the key messages from the agenda of the day.

It is very intensive, but at the same time very enjoyable to do. The people who attend and host the events are very welcoming and help to ease the pressure when try to paint the information down!

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