Friday 13 June 2014

Famous faces for 'The Eternal Now'

Steve Hackett and David Coverdale painted by Anthony Greentree
Steve Hackett and David Coverdale who kindly offered their photos for the Paintings I worked on.

Recently I approached some of my musical heroes, via twitter and email to see if they fancied having their portrait painted for part of the theme of paintings I am working on for the Exhibition, The Carnival of Monsters in October.

To my delight I received some responses. One was of my guitar hero, Steve Hackett of early Genesis Fame (who is just as brilliant solo) and Rock singer David Coverdale from Whitesnake who kindly submitted their photos for me to use.
The reason for these particular paintings was to demonstrate, that no matter what status or background we sit within the constructs and descriptive world we have created, we are all still one and the same with the universe. 

I have also approached Mark Watts who is the son of the late Philosopher Alan Watts (who has been the inspiration for the whole thing!) and he has supplied me with a photo to use of his father that i will also paint as part of these work. I still have quite a few more portraits to do, and each one has it's own feel and approach.

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  1. Wonderful paintings, Anthony. Good luck with your exhibition! :)