Monday 30 December 2013

2014 and Art Festival

2013 has been a very busy year. Especially towards the latter part due to my activities on Twitter with monthly art themes, such as #drawaugust and #paintseptember to name a few. This coincided with my own on going project called The Daily Sketch which involves me drawing at least one sketch everyday for a year. This now has also become a Twitter activity as like minded Artists are doing the same thing.

One thing I have learnt about Social Networking is that it can be a brilliant learning tool when groups of Artists come together and share their knowledge and give constructive feedback to each others work. We plan to continue you this into 2014 with #sketchjanuary.

This year I have also been involved with Illustrating a Fantasy Rule Book called 12 Elements, which is due out next year. Again this is a field of work very new to me and something I wished I had done a lot earlier in my career. I was assigned to design the logos, layout and cover along with Illustrations and maps to fill out the book. 

It was a long project covering over three months, but it was worth the effort and I have learned so much form it. Hopefully I will be doing a lot more of this kind of work in 2014.

2014, will be the year I will try and create my first exhibition of work. At the moment I am working and planning on a series of paintings, exploring the nature of how we see things from nothingness.

I will explain in more detail as the New year takes shape, but I am hoping to exhibit these somehow along with my project, The Daily Sketch.

2014 will also be the year that I am helping organise an Arts Festival in Nottingham called Carnival of Monsters Festival of Art, which will be held in October 2014. I will be helping organise the event which will showcase contemporary and fine art at the old Bartons Bus Depot in Nottingham. Again I will have more details as I have them.

So for now, I will say a Happy New year to all!
Anthony Greentree :}>

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  1. Hi Anthony, you created a lot of beautiful work last year! I really love the illustrations you did for '12 Elements'. They're amazing with so much character. Looking forward to your series of paintings. Happy New Year! :)