Sunday 20 October 2013

Live Conference Mural

5 x 2 metre live mural for the #goodchildhood summit
I was recently asked by the Mighty Creatives to draw the events of their summit on a large wall, sort of like a visual minutes of a meeting taking down the key points of the day. But also trying to capture the spirit and feel of the atmosphere. The wall was a hired exhibition panel 5 metres in length and 2 metres high.

The theme of the Summit was called "Cultural Life of the Child" '#goodchildhood' which is about ideas and innovation to help all children and young people thrive. People from the Arts Council, Local Authorities, Barnardo's and speakers such as Richard Gerver all took part in engaging and sharing ideas. My role was to tie this together in the form of a visual aid that would actually help in the process of delivering the message. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and also enjoyed the pressure of drawing and painting in a short space of time. 

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