Thursday 21 February 2013

Self Portrait number 2

Monochrome 40x50cm titled 'Uncertainty'

This is my second self portrait entered for a competition. I love working in monochrome, strangely it evokes a whole range of new colours and emotions which is what I tried to convey with this piece. I painted this in two sittings over a period of a couple of weeks due to being very busy, but the mirror and easel stayed in the same position without my kids knocking it over !

I did a second painting because I wanted to create a different mood using the same theme. I used a slightly looser approach for this as I wanted to keep it as raw as possible. This is my first painting for 2013 and many more to follow. My next aim is to paint a collection of pics for a chosen theme which I am yet to establish as my mind changes from one day to the next at the moment. I will keep you posted! :}>

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