Wednesday 27 February 2013

Portraits outside Nottingham Castle 1992

Me complete with hair! somewhere in 1992.

If you were a tourist visiting Nottingham Castle in the summer of 1992 and happened across a strange minstrel / musketeer looking fellow doing portraits, then you will probably find it was me.

I had a sudden flash back the other day, I completely forgot about my summer break antics while at University many years ago. Oh the joys of being a student ha ha! I used to spend many summer days outside the Nottingham Castle gates (the days when it always seemed as though it never rained!!) producing charcoal portraits for passers by. I enjoyed it greatly, but it did take a lot of confidence to get out there and do it in the first place. The portraits would usually take 15-20 mins at the time for a measly £3!

Yes I was a bit of a poser.
Sadly I don't really have any pictures of the portraits or myself in action, but if you do I would love to see how bad they were!

I remember one story when a guy wanted a portrait on his lunch break. He was in a rush during a very busy day in which the portraits were turning into a conveyor belt. He paid for the portrait but then came back half an hour later as I had only partly finished one of his eyes! whoops!

I may do it again one day, I will have to think about that one, but unfortunately minus the hair!

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