Wednesday 19 September 2012

Slow awakening

I don't really know where to start, apart from the fact I am painting and drawing again after a long time. I never really stopped, but I haven't done anything consistant for about 8 years. I think mainly working as a Graphic Designer has been the main cause of it.

I went to College to originally study fine art but ended up going the Graphic Design Illustration route as that was the supposed way to make a living. Times and outlooks have changed since then and now I have a new zest for painting and drawing again. So I hope to share this enthusiasm with you to view and hopefully enjoy.

I have been sketching a lot lately, mainly to build my confidence back with the canvas again and start my first painting. Below is my first painting that I was actually going to work on last year. I'm glad I didn't as I think now is the right time to paint it. The subject is of my daughter Olivia when we were on holiday at Sutton on Sea on the East Coast of England last year.

It was quite weird painting again as It felt as if it never disappeared and that the long break from it was actually beneficial.

I primarily paint in acrylic, I love the stuff, I prefer it to oils. I have painted in oils but I think acrylics suits my application more.

Anyway on to the next...

By the way I am in a position to take on commissions now, so anyone who wants a portrait of a person animal or a landscape etc etc, then you can email me Anthony Greentree - Artist Email

You can also visit my facebook page:
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