Friday 21 September 2012

Albert, Man on a rock.

My next painting took a little longer than I thought. I know this sounds bizarre but after not painting for so long I was almost scared to touch the canvas with the paint! Confidence as well as motivation is a key factor, and I know from experience that this improves after every drawing or painting. This picture is of my wife's Grandfather Albert. His 90th Birthday was earlier this year and at his birthday we looked through a lot of his family pictures through the years. This one in particular stuck out for me. I think this one was taken in his fifties, there is a lot of presence in his expression on the photo which was something I tried to emulate. I really wanted him to look at you on this one. For me his eyes tell a thousand stories through the face of experience. He had been through a lot during World War II, serving in the RAF Regiment during the 'Forgotten War' in the Far east.

Overall I am quite happy with this one, there I things on it I could of work on more or even less, but sometimes you just have to listen to yourself for that little voice to say 'leave it there' I don't like to say the word finished :}>

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