Monday 13 June 2016

Mural at Coalville in the Park

Mural on canvas at party in the park - Anthony Greentree

Afternoon Mural at Party in the Park

This afternoon I was in Coalville, Leicestershire creating a mural for FiLiGi who is an organisation that helps young people improve their own futures. They were one of several gazebo and tents that made up the whole of the two day festival.

These type of murals are very spontaneous, and because of the short time (usually 4-5hrs)
I sketch down the events of the day through basic images and words that describe the feel. In the past I have done murals at conferences where I can see the speaker or activity straight away and describe the moment through drawing or keywords.

Because I was under a gazebo in the rain, I had no choice but to walk around for 20 mins and take quick snap shots of the day. From that I then put together a sort of painted montage and filled in the spaces with words that related to the atmosphere.

Today the surface was a canvas that was about the same size as a display roller banner and overall it took me around 4 hours to complete. Firstly I painted out the outline before filling in with colour. I have done quite a few of these smaller event murals and the one thing I love about doing them is the spontaneity. There is no plan when creating the murals, which for me adds to the rawness and captures a painted timeline of the day. People come and go to view it as I paint and they add their little contribution, either as an image idea or a keyword for me to include.

If you would like a mural of this kind producing at an event or conference etc, then let me know for more information.

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