Wednesday 18 May 2016

Weddings, artwork and thumbprints

Keepsake and Memory tree that was used at the wedding

Wedding Tree - Keepsake gift

This is an ink drawing I did for a wedding recently. I drew the tree on a large piece of card. The idea is for the guests at the wedding to apply their own thumbprint to make the leaves of the tree and write their name with it. It really makes for a nice keepsake memory of the day. I imagine this could also work for big family occasions or get togethers too.

If you would like something similar creating for your own wedding or celebration then contact me for more information. I have seen this idea done before but also using different images to convey the thumbprints.

11 black and whites sketches I created for a wedding

Glastonbury Sketches

The wedding was quite a busy affair as I was also asked to produce images for the tables and table plans. The couple wanted their wedding to be based off the theme of Glastonbury, as they will be going there as part of their honeymoon.

Example of Glastonbury stage sketch used for one of the wedding tables

They asked for several sketches of the main music stages at Glastonbury such as the Pyramid stage and West Holts stage. I produced 11 sketches in black and white and also created a table plan based off the drawings.

Wedding Table Plan based off sketches I did of Glastonbury

Wedding - Live sketching

The other role I had at the wedding was to sketch the events of the whole day. The wedding couple asked me to capture as many moments throughout the day as possible. This was a very difficult task, mainly due to the pace of what was going on. But I managed to produce 23 very quick sketches. Below is one I did of the camper van they used as the arrival car for the wedding. The rest you can check on my Facebook Page here 

The whole day was a very enjoyable experience and although I was under a lot of pressure to produce the sketches, it was a great way of making a keepsake present of the day. If you would like anything similar producing, based off what I have done on the blog post then you can contact me 

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  1. I love the idea of the guests applying their thumbprints. I think it is a very fun activity for the guests. You’ve done a great job.