Monday 7 April 2014

Paintings for 'The Eternal Now' update

Painting no.9 for 'The Eternal Now', by Anthony Greentree
I have just completed painting no.9 for 'The Eternal Now' theme I am currently working on. There are 11 more subjects to paint. Each painting so far has it's own feel and approach especially when exploring the idea of background and subject. 

The palette seems to change for each one to compliment the composition and imagined experience. I am trying to emulate the relationship of the self and wider universe we are all part of. Using the influences of Philosopher Alan Watts and his Teachings of Zen Buddhism has so far been a revelation and fascinating journey which I am now adapting and learning in my own life.

The Exhibition in October is when I can hopefully show all 20 paintings that I have worked on. They are all of varying sizes and I am really looking forward to seeing them all together in one place. I will have more details of it in the next few months. 

For more updates on my work on this and other stuff you can go here:


  1. Very beautiful, Anthony! I love the softness of the painting and the deep in thought expression on her face. Good luck with creating the other 11 paintings! :)

  2. Thanks Hiji! yes I have a quite a few more to do. Some interesting ones I am really looking forward to. Thanks again! :}> x