Monday 31 March 2014

School Mural at Walsall Wood School

Last week I completed my first school mural with the children at Walsall Wood Primary School in Walsall. It was decided better to paint it on wooden panels for it to be mounted on the wall outside in their playground.

All of the children created designs of what they loved and saw in Walsall for their mural which included some children writing messages on their designs that symbolised what Walsall Wood School was all about. I then went along to have a look and created a design based off their ideas. One of the main features of the designs was the Jigger Brownhills Minor sculpture that towers over in the area. I set about constructing a rough ideaand set to work on the 6 panels that would make the mural. 

With the help of the children I drew a black outline of the mural for them to help colour in the areas of colour. 

To finish off we had all 250 children from the school make their mark on the mural by making a painted handprint on the bottom of it. 

Overall the staff and children were very happy with the end result and I look forward to seeing it finally mounted on the brick wall outside. This was the first of 4 that I am currently working on, more pics to follow! 

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