Monday 24 February 2014

Painting 'The Eternal Now' Work in progress

'The Eternal Now - No.1' by Anthony Greentree
'The Eternal Now - No.1' by Anthony Greentree

I am currently in the process of creating paintings for 'The Eternal Now'. A series of 20 works I am aiming to complete for an Exhibition in October 2014. Recently I have been highly influenced by a philosopher called Alan Watts. His whole approach to life has affected me in such a way that I now am going through a process of 'unlearning' Alan Watts was an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience he regarded himself as a spiritual entertainer and that he had nothing to sell. What he wanted to do was unravel everything that we are as human beings. I could go on forever but I recommend you check him out on Youtube.

One of the subjects he covered that has fascinated me is the subject of time itself. TIme is a form of measurement, that it actually doesn't exist and yet we depend on it as part of our daily lives. What we perceive as the past and future only exists in the present or the now. It is very hard to explain this in words, infact that is the very thing that Watts goes on about, that everything is described and seen as symbols to represent the 'real'

Anthony Greentree, Artist
Me with my first complete work.
Another area that Alan Watts has led me to is the use of 'zazen' (seated meditation) which I am currently going through a process of learning. The use of meditation to connect with reality, that you don't think of any thoughts what-so-ever and that you let the sounds of the outside world become the voice of reality.

These paintings are somehow what I am trying relate to in all of these areas, about the connection with ourselves and the real world, and the Eternal Now.


  1. Nice work and nice insight, I can relate. Wicked style too - your art has a life of its own!

  2. Thank you for the lovely compliments! These works are ever evolving and I have a feeling they will change as I progress and learn. Thanks again! :}>

  3. A beautiful painting, Anthony! Great expression and I like the soft colors you used. Good luck with making the other paintings. :)