Friday 12 July 2013

Artizan bringing the Old and New together.

Concept idea for client. Artizan and Olde Carver drawing.

Who said that technology couldn't mix with the old ways? I am a firm believer in following old methods and recycling them into the new world we live in. That is the reason for history, to learn from and evolve into new forms.

Anyway before I get too carried away, this is some work based on that very idea. A client has asked for some stationary and one of the themes is Artizan. Funnily enough I drew the old carver and lettering by hand then scanned them in and coloured it in photoshop. I like to call it digital paint, as I think it is still applied image making but using light instead. After this I will then manipulate these elements for various formats that they require. Right, back to the Grindstone! :}>

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